Otterspot wireless charging battery

The Business of Power

Batteries are the lifeblood of modern business. From the office to the airport, conference rooms to convention halls, productivity depends on energy. And Otter Products has a suite of power products to keep teams, guests and consumers connected.

OtterSpot Charging Wireless Base

OtterSpot Charging Base

The OtterSpot Charging Base provides up to 60-watts of power to simultaneously charge five OtterSpot Wireless Batteries and a device at the same rate.

  • USB-C charging input for up to 60W of power delivery
  • 10W wireless charging
  • Barcoded for asset tracking and management
  • 2-meter charging cord reaches high tops, shelves, long reach areas and spaces with limited outlets
  • Doubles as a charging pad when OtterSpot Wireless Batteries are deployed
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OtterSpot Wireless Charging Base Render

OtterSpot Wireless Charging Battery

Each OtterSpot Wireless Charging Battery is packed with 5,000-mAh of power and capable of up to 10W charge speeds to fully power up a Qi enabled device.

  • Works with most phone cases, including OtterBox and LifeProof
  • Charges a standard smartphone at least once
  • For theft-deterrence, OtterSpot Wireless Charging Batteries only recharge on their corresponding OtterSpot Charging Base
  • Barcoded for asset tracking and management
  • Four white LEDs show battery level and wireless charging state
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Wireless. Fast. Portable Power.

otterspot charging system base + 2
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otterspots charging system base + 5
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From offices to conferences, OtterSpot powers productivity wherever work happens.

OtterSpot handed to a customer at a cafe

Keep consumers charged up with OtterSpot in cafes, hotels and restaurants.

In airports and convention halls, OtterSpot energizes people on the move.

otterbox battery packs

Energy To Go

When work takes you on the road, stay charged with Power Packs. Designed for professionals who demand performance, these portable batteries are fast, smart and available in multiple capacities.

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otterbox chargers and cables

Charging Essentials

If you have to plug in, go with cables and wall chargers built to withstand the demands of business. Our cables are constructed with resilient features and pair perfectly with high-speed wall chargers.

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